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« Les Enfants du Parc »


This project supports underprivileged parents, mostly from foreign backgrounds, in the education of their children (aged from 6 to 15) by providing learning support, sporting and recreational activities and holiday camps. It aims to help parents facing various social integration problems (limited understanding of French, precarious employment, unemployment, single parent families) in their educational role.


  • To prevent the risk of marginalisation and the development of risk behaviour (dropping out of school, addiction, violence, breaking family ties …).
  • To foster a thirst for knowledge and love of learning.
  • To impart a taste for school work though an educational approach that focuses less on the academic performance of homework and more on the acquisition of knowledge and know-how through fun activities.
  • To instil values such as commitment, respect for rules and other people, and the value of hard work.
  • To grow and mature by sharing and building relationships of friendship and trust.

The beneficiaries are supported by an educational professional and a team of volunteers. Les Enfants du Parc places great emphasis on volunteering, particularly by its previously idle older students, who are now mobilised and trained to mentor younger students. La Fondation Apprentis dAuteuil invested in this project because it reflects its values:

  • In education, no situation is hopeless: young people who regain confidence in themselves and in adults can express their potential and embark on a successful educational and career path.
  • Whatever their path in life, all children have potential, abilities and skills. It is up to the people around the child to enable him or her to express them.
  • Play is a powerful educational tool. Too many children do not know or have forgotten how to play, because their imagination has been suppressed.  Les Enfants du Parc is working to rekindle children’s imagination and their ability to dream and create.

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