selection process


The Foundation uses both human and analytical criteria to select its partners.

There are three stages in the selection of a new partner:

1. First stage: Identification: From Switzerland, we look for and assess organizations whose vision, values and areas of action are in keeping with ours.

Furthermore, there has to be a strong affinity, which is a prerequisite for a harmonious and productive partnership.

2. Second stage : Short-listing : This involves the practical and essential step of meeting our potential partners and their beneficiaries on the ground; it allows us to complement our theoretical knowledge with a human and interpersonal dimension, without which it would be really difficult to decide.

3. Set up of the partnership : With the data collected so far, the Foundation decides to support the organisation that they met. As we believe our partners are best placed to define their priority needs, we always ask that they formulate them. We try, as far as possible to answer to those needs.
A partnership contract with clearly defined objectives is agreed.
A contract agreeing the exact objectives is signed.

The Foundation doesn’t accept spontaneous requests. It’s modus operandi is strictly proactive.

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