“Toutes à l’école” works in Cambodia.

Its school, Happy Chandara, founded in 2006, provides free schooling for girls and young women who live in peri-urban communities around Phnom-Penh.
Mission statement: to provide assistance to children in difficulty, by participating in the establishment and development of education, school and training activities promoting the integration of girls and young women, and activities to support their families.

“Toutes à l’école” provides education to around 1000 girls, currently taking them through to the third year of junior high school or to a choice of occupation through the vocational training programmes offered by the organisation. Upper secondary education through to the last year of senior high school is scheduled to start and should be up and running in 2018.
The organisation also supports public schools by providing English and computer courses for public school children. It also provides them with one-off material assistance (renovating classrooms, new toilet facilities, donating school supplies).
The Albatros Foundation has been supporting “Toutes à l’école” since 2015.

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