Fields of Action



The Foundation, driven by one family, chose to invest in a number of different areas of activity, reflecting the sensitivities and interests of all of its members and its belief in the validity of holistic approaches whenever they are possible.


Education is at the core of the Foundation’s concerns and commitments.
Without education, individuals cannot flourish, integrate in society, and participate in its development.
Education is the most powerful vehicle for development both at individual and societal levels.
The foundation supports primarily organizations which reconcile the issues of access to education, quality of education and protection of childhood.
It also invests in professional development projects.
Our support covers a wide spectrum, spanning from the period of early childhood to adult age in order to fight against exclusion and promote the harmonious development of individuals, their communities and their nations.


Children are innocent, trusting and vulnerable.
It is our duty to ensure the respect of their rights so that they maintain their trust in life and people; and we must listen to them, love them, protect them, and give them the tools and knowledge they need to develop.
Children are the future of our societies. This is also why we must allow them to develop their potential.
The Foundation provides supports to numerous projects working for their well-being and fulfilment.


The status of women is often still precarious in today’s world –there is insufficient respect for women’s rights and insufficient recognition of their value.
Too many countries still favor men at the expense of women and undervalue their potential and role. Educated women become a vehicle for knowledge in their families and economic agents as powerful as men.
De trop nombreux pays favorisent encore l’homme au détriment de la femme, sous-estimant son potentiel et son rôle. Or, une femme éduquée devient le vecteur de la connaissance au sein de sa famille et un agent économique aussi puissant qu’un homme.
The Foundation is committed to programs for the empowerment of women – a process that forms an integral part of their rights.


Every human being should have access to preventive and curative healthcare services.
To our mind, this is one of the three main lines of action for an optimum development of the individual, the two others being education and access to employment.
Improving the health of communities is achieved by doing two things in parallel: offering greater access to healthcare and providing education on health.
The Foundation supports initiatives responding to this dual need.


Without water, and more specifically, without drinkable water, human beings cannot function and develop many diseases.
As a consequence, they can no longer take on all their responsibilities, imposing the consequences of their condition on the community.
Therefore, equipping communities in the field of sanitation and ensuring they have access to clean water is paramount.


Hospitals, schools, roads, bridges and wells are all public infrastructures meeting basic needs. However, many states fail to develop them in adequate quantities and acceptable quality levels.
The Foundation also makes a contribution to this sector which, when it is flawed, considerably reduces the quality of life of those affected.

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