From September 2015, the Albatros Foundation will support the french association “Toutes à l’école” which, since 2006,  freely send to school the most underprivileged girls from the peri-urban areas of Phnom Penh in it’s school Happy Chandara.

The founder, Mrs Tina Kieffer, has decided to give priority to girls education, willing to bring her contribution to the still important cambodian gender inequality: only 36% of the children going to school in Cambodia are girls.

The Albatros Foundation, will support 2 classes of 25 girls.

Currently, Happy Chandara welcomes 1000 girls from 6 to 14 years old.  Every year, 100 girls start their education there.

The girls from the poorest families are accepted in priority (monthly income lower than 100 US$).

In addition to the khmer national programme, the schoolgirls study english, french and computer science.

A  hairdressing vocational centre opened in September 2013.

The first class of high school students will start in September 2015.

With these two orientations (high school and vocational training), Happy Chandara gives the opportunity to choose between third education or a professional course.  In this way, the young girls are accompanied until their admission at university or their first employment.