The FAAS is an organisation committed to the protection of childhood. Across 4 continents (in around twenty countries) it is involved in setting up reception, education, training and integration programmes to enable vulnerable young people and families to make a new start in life.
The FAAS is active in Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

• To support the development of projects to help street children, children and young people who need support with education, training and professional integration, and vulnerable families.
• To develop projects to help young people in need in Switzerland, in partnership with Swiss charitable organisations.
• To develop programmes to advocate for young people and families in distress on the international stage.
The FAAS shares its expertise and knowledge in the areas of education and teaching with its local partners.
The FAAS is an extension of the French Foundation “Les Apprentis d’Auteil” and benefits from its 150 years of experience in the education and training of young people in difficulty.
Both foundations seek to restore the confidence of these children and young people who have to find a place in society. Place the following film here:
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“Toutes à l’école” works in Cambodia.

Its school, Happy Chandara, founded in 2006, provides free schooling for girls and young women who live in peri-urban communities around Phnom-Penh.
Mission statement: to provide assistance to children in difficulty, by participating in the establishment and development of education, school and training activities promoting the integration of girls and young women, and activities to support their families.

“Toutes à l’école” provides education to around 1000 girls, currently taking them through to the third year of junior high school or to a choice of occupation through the vocational training programmes offered by the organisation. Upper secondary education through to the last year of senior high school is scheduled to start and should be up and running in 2018.
The organisation also supports public schools by providing English and computer courses for public school children. It also provides them with one-off material assistance (renovating classrooms, new toilet facilities, donating school supplies).
The Albatros Foundation has been supporting “Toutes à l’école” since 2015.

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Voix Libres is a Swiss humanitarian organisation that enables children from the mines, streets and rubbish dumps of Bolivia to become project leaders when they have completed their studies (supported by Voix Libres) which ensures a sustainable community-based development.
Mission statement: to work for the empowerment and dignity of marginalised populations in 3 key ways:
1. By developing alternatives to the children’s inhuman living conditions.
2. By combating domestic violence.
3. By promoting entrepreneurship.

After 20 years on the ground (1993-2013), Voix Libres has a total of 1 million direct beneficiaries, 120,000 beneficiaries of interest-free micro-credit, 22 community centres including children’s homes, day centres, schools and training centres and shelters for abused women.

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Philip House Foundation works in Romania.

Mission statement: to improve the physical, mental and emotional well-being of disadvantaged children and their parents in Bucarest, through educational and psychological support, social and medical assistance.

Fondation Albatros supports Philip House Foundation since 2012.

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Mission: To allow children escape from destitution and lead them to decent, skilled and well remunerated jobs.
Since 1995, Pour un Sourire d’Enfant (PSE) has been working in Cambodia offering extremely vulnerable children an education and when necessary a shelter, accompanying them until their integration into mainstream society through qualified jobs.
PSE operates mainly in Phnom Penh and the surroundings districts.
PSE is operating six main programs that meet children needs, allowing an integrated approach for the success of its actions:  nutrition, healthcare, protection and accommodation, primary, secondary and higher education as well as vocational training and, lastly family support.

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The Fondation Les Enfants de Hué works in Vietnam.

Mission statement: to provide the most disadvantaged children and young people from the Huê province (Vietnam) with human and intellectual training enabling them to build up their lives.

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The NGO Maison Chance works in Vietnam.

Mission statement: to help the most underprivileged children from Ho-Chi-Minh as well as handicapped people to become autonomous and integrated in society.

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Educating Smiling Children (ESC) works in Cambodia.

Mission statement: to create schools in remote areas of the country and ensure their operation.

1’800 children are integrated in 48 classes in 14 schools and are taught by 35 teachers.

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