As’trame Foundation

Fondation As’trame is active in Switzerland, in the cantons of Vaud and Geneva. Its mission consists in supporting families in crisis situations where family relationships have been broken down due to sickness, parental separation or death, since all break downs are dangerous to the physical and/or psychological health of children and adults.

As’trame offers a psychosocial non-medicalised approach to address the troubles resulting from the breakdown of family ties.

As’trame accompanies families, more specifically children, through individual and group therapies built around siblings or children of the same age.

Objectives of the therapeutic work:

  • Lay the foundations of a healthy process of dealing with family breakdowns
  • Avoid the negative and potentially pathologic consequences of the breakdown of family relationships for the lives of children or adults.
  • Support adults or families going through difficult situations due to marital separation, serious illness or death of a close relative.
  • In parallel, through training modules, As’trame puts its experience to the service of professionals facing this type of situation within the framework of their practice.

The foundation has created a specific tool allowing it to offer a brief and mentored therapeutic support to relief suffering and prevent the risks triggered by family relationships’ breakdowns: the reliance path. Through 6 sessions including an assessment session, it allows to lay the foundations necessary for a healthy grief process to take place and to start it during the path through the stimulation of the resilience capacity.

Fondation Albatros has been supporting Fondation As’trame since 2015.

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