PSE currently helps more than 6,000 children who where previously street and out-of-school children, abused or orphaned children, child labourers, scavengers, stone breakers, etc..

PSE has its own school in Phnom Penh where the remedial schooling curriculum it developed is taught to around 650 children.

In addition, more than 3,500 children are schooled with PSE’s support in Cambodian state schools.

Furthermore, 600 children benefit from specific educational programs: classes for children with a disability, day-care centers and infant welfare.

Finally, about 1,500 youngsters study at the PSE Vocational Training and Higher Education Institute in Phnom-Penh.They can choose between a preparatory class or one of the three curriculums: Hotel & Tourism, Trade & Technical* (construction, mechanics, audio-visual) and Business – the higher education level which deliver them bachelor diplomas.

Each year some 400 youngsters graduate and become cooks, mechanics, electricians, receptionists, salespeople, accountants, administrative assistants,  …They join the 4,000 graduates from the PSE Institute who already have successfully integrated the job market with a real qualified position. Thus they can live with dignity and help their family.

*the training courses give them qualifications recognised by the Cambodian Ministry of Work and Vocational Training

PSE aims to work like a “destitution-destroying machine”, as Christian des Pallières, co-founder, liked to say.

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