The Foundation draws on the experience of its French parent organisation, the Fondation Apprentis d’Auteuil, which summarises its principle task as follows:    welcome – educate – train – integrate young people in difficulty.

The FAAI pursues three main goals:

  • To advocate on behalf of vulnerable young people and families on the international stage.
  • To support, the development of projects to help street children, young people who need support with training and integration, and vulnerable families
  • To develop projects in Switzerland to help young people in difficulty, in partnership with Swiss organisations
  • Improve the quality of support for young people and families by sharing its education and teaching knowledge with its local partners.
  • Enhance and consolidate local initiatives by providing technical and methodological support.
  • Broaden the educational and career prospects of the young people assisted by its local partners.

The work is organised around 5 programmes:

  • Avenir d’Enfants: Protection of street children
  • Entrepreneuriat Jeunes: training and professional integration, business start-up assistance
  • Pas à Pas: education of the most vulnerable young people
  • Family Boost: supporting families in the education of their children
  • Meneurs de Paix: developing an international outlook in young people, peace education of young people, for further information:

The Albatros Foundation has been supporting the FAAI since 2016 through an after school care project in Geneva: Les Enfants du Parc

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