Educate Girls was created in 2007 by Safeena Husain, an indian woman  who decided to dedicate her life to girl’s education and gender equality.

By empowering village communities to improve the quality of girls’ education and infrastructure in their government schools, more girls can be educated on larger scales. If more girls are educated, then their health, income levels and overall livelihoods improve, bringing about social transformation.

Theory of Change : Educated girls are more likely to :

  • Earn 10% more income
  • Be three times less likely to be HIV+
  • Marry four years later
  • Survive childbirth
  • Have fewer and healthier children
  • Send their children to school
  • Increase a country’s GDP

Because of the sustainability and scalability of the model, Educate Girls has grown from a 500-school pilot project in the Pali district of Rajasthan to now serving 8000 schools, reaching over 100’000 out-of-school girls that are now enrolled.

Over 390’000 students show improved learning outcomes.

The action takes place in 7 districts of Rajasthan.  In those districts, the girls’enrollemnt percentage is of 90% as hte girls’ rentention percentage is of 87%.

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