fondation albatros


The Fondation is governed by its Governing Board.

Its members share the same values and actively participate in the Fondations’s activities. Thanks to their varied professional experience, they contribute their complementary skills sets and knowledge to the Fondation as well as to the organisations receiving support.

Our Fondation’s Governing Board consists of four members :

Mr Claude Demole

“After a career entirely devoted to managing the assets of wealthy individuals, I felt the need to take care of the most disadvantaged.  ... Read more

Mrs Solange Demole

“We wanted to discover the world of humanitarian organisations as a family, and support it by giving time and financial support.  ... Read more


Mr Olivier Plojoux


Valentine Demole was appointed Operational Director of the Fondation in December 2012.

To assume this responsability, Mrs Valentine Demole resigned from the Governing Board in June 2013.

“I have been motivated by a spirit of solidarity and mutual assistance for many years. My involvement with the Fondation Albatros is the culmination of a long involvement and many experiences in the area of social work.  ... Read more