fondation albatros

Selection of our partners

Our choices are based on analytical and human criteria ensuring a high level of professionalism. This approach ensures the careful and meticulous selection of our partner organisations.

4 stages of the process:

1. Identification: the Fondation looks for organisations reflecting its vision and values. A strong affinity is a prerequisite for a harmonious and productive joint partnership.

2. Short-listing: this is the essential and concrete stage where we meet our potential partners and their beneficiaries in the field. It enables us to add a human and personal touch to our theoretical knowledge without which it would be difficult to make choices.

3. Partnership: the Fondation’s Board agrees upon the support to the organisations under consideration based on the information collected at this stage.

4. Follow-up: the Fondation is very involved in following-up the actions it supports. This is carried out through regular field visits and interaction with the programme or project directors.

The stages leading to a partnership are explained in the following downloadable document:
4 stages to a partnership.