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As’trame Foundation

The As’trame Foundation works in Switzerland, in the cantons of Vaud and Geneva.
Mission statement: to help families in crisis, in situations where family bonds have been broken as a result of illness, parental separation, or bereavement, placing the physical and/or psychological well-being of children and adults at risk.
As’trame offers a non-medicalised, pyscho-social approach to treat trauma arising from broken bonds.
As’trame helps families and more specifically children, through individual therapy and therapy in groups formed around siblings or children of the same age.

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Educating Smiling Children (ESC) works in Cambodia.

Mission statement: to create schools in remote areas of the country and ensure their operation.

1’800 children are integrated in 48 classes in 14 schools and are taught by 35 teachers.

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Fondation Les Enfants de Huê

The Fondation Les Enfants de Hué works in Vietnam.

Mission statement: to provide the most disadvantaged children and young people from the Huê province (Vietnam) with human and intellectual training enabling them to build up their lives.

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Fondation Saint Dimitri

Fondation St. Dimitri works in Romania.

Mission statement: to serve the community:

by using access to education and culture as a tool against isolation and marginalisation bred by poverty.

by providing educational and psychological support programmes to the most underprivileged and vulnerable children and their families in Bucharest, empowering them to become an active part of the solution to the problems that make them vulnerable.

Fondation St. Dimitri does not struggle directly against poverty, but against its more destructive effects on children: ignorance, exclusion, carelessness, emotional and mental suffering.

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Hopes and Homes for Children-Romania (HHC) works in Romania.

Mission statement: to be the catalyst enabling the complete eradication of institutional* care for children in Romania.

*For HHC, this type of care means that a child becomes part of a very large institution (several hundreds of children), which does not leave room for creating the significant loving bonds essential to the healthy development of a child. During communist times in Romania, many such institutions were created, leading many children to develop severe psychological and psychiatric disorders.

HHC works simultaneously in three areas:

– prevention of institutionalisation
– deinstitutionalisation
– reintegration of children coming from closed structures into their birth or extended family, a foster family, an adoptive family, a small family home

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Inocenti Foundation

Inocenti Foundation works in Romania.

Mission statement: to support underprivileged children and their families to help them lead a better life.

Fondation Albatros supports Inocenti Foundations since 2012

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Morning Star Center (MSC) works in Vietnam.

Mission statement:
to provide a system of early detection of mental disease* and early intervention in order to improve the quality of life and social integration of mentally handicapped children irrespective of their economic situation**.
to enable parents and the community to become aware of the abilities of mentally disabled children.

*MSC makes a diagnosis and takes care of children with mental and physical handicaps, as well as some psychiatric pathologies (Down syndrome, autism, attention deficit…).

In a country where mental illness is still a taboo, MSC enables handicapped children and children with learning disabilities to come out of their isolation and develop at their own pace, surrounded by teams of specialised therapists.

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fillette toutes à l'école


From September 2015, the Albatros Foundation will support the french association “Toutes à l’école” which, since 2006, freely send to school the most underprivileged girls from the peri-urban areas of Phnom Penh.

The founder, Mrs Tina Kieffer, has decided to give priority to girls education, willing to bring her contribution to the still important cambodian gender inequality.

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Phillip House Foundation

Philip House Foundation works in Romania.

Mission statement: to improve the physical, mental and emotional well-being of disadvantaged children and their parents in Bucarest, through educational and psychological support, social and medical assistance.

Fondation Albatros supports Philip House Foundation since 2012.

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Pour un Sourire d’Enfant (PSE) works in Cambodia

Mission statement: to provide children living in highly precarious situations with a safe environment enabling them to attend school and learn a trade.
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